About skucamp

Dear skummunity,

skucamp is back!

In 2017, we launched the first skucamp at a magical venue in Palm Springs. Our goal was to create a boot camp experience that was fun, inspirational, and challenging, one that would bring together the brightest in the community to share with each other and learn. And now, we are excited to welcome you home to our original location, the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs! This is not merely a reboot but a new event with a fresh and original vision.

skucamp is an intimate experience, with plenty of time for fun and deep connections. Our format this year combines ideas led by industry experts as well as group mastermind sessions where smaller groups meet to dive deep into the most requested business topics selected by you. Which means, at skucamp, you’re not hearing from only one expert from a stage, you’re hearing the best ideas crowdsourced from over 100 of your fellow attendees in a hands-on, peer-to-peer networking experience that opens your heart and ignites your mind. At skucamp, you’ll learn how to:

  1. Amp your marketing as the new sales growth.
  2. Navigate supply chain issues like a pro.
  3. Attract and retain only the best talent.
  4. Build a creative compensation plan that incentives sales.
  5. Engage and inspire the modern workforce.
  6. Create a distinctive culture true to your unique DNA.
  7. Motivate a team of leaders to self-manage hyper growth.
  8. Master the commonsku platform by learning from your peers.

We can’t wait to see you in Palm Springs this Fall.

Mark Graham and Catherine Graham,
Co-founders, commonsku

Ace Hotel Palm Springs

701 E Palm Canyon Dr, Palm Springs, CA 92264, United States

Special rates are available to skucampers (for rooms booked Sept 27-30).

Standard King Bed Rooms at $255.14/night (all taxes/resort fees included)*

To book your room, please call the Ace Hotel (760) 325-9900 and mention the booking code “commonsku2021”

*Optional room upgrades

Patio room (Garden) +$20/night (+tax)
Standard Double room +$40/night (+tax)
Simple Suite $50/night (+tax)

Room rates available while room inventory lasts (make sure to book your rooms soon)!


skucamp is a jam packed 3 day experience.

skucamp is an intimate experience, with plenty of time for fun, deep connections, and shared learning among your peers. Our format this year will combine workshops led by industry experts as well as group mastermind sessions where smaller groups meet to dive deep into relevant business topics.

Monday September 27, 2021
12-4 pm - Registration/Check-In
6 pm onwards - Opening Party

Tuesday September 28, 2021
9 am-5 pm - Workshops and Breakouts
6:30 pm onwards - Dinner and Party

Wednesday September 29, 2021
9am-4pm - Workshops and Breakouts
4pm-7pm - Pool Party and Closing Dinner
7pm onwards - hit the town with new and old friends

Thursday September 30, 2021
Depart Palm Springs (no programming or meals)


A word on our format this year:

When designing the program for skucamp this year, we reached out to the skummunity who shared their greatest business challenges with us. We incorporated these challenges into our curriculum for skucamp 2021.

From HR & team development, to sales & marketing, to supply chain, to peer to peer learning related to the commonsku app, we have four tracks throughout the event. Each track kicks off with a main stage session to introduce the topic, followed up by two breakouts that allow you to drill down into each subject, giving you plenty of time with your colleagues to share from your experience and learn from each other.

Breakouts are small by design (6-8 people) and are not elective, so don’t worry about having to choose!

Day One

Sales & Marketing Track:

General Session: Marketing is the New Sales

During the past year, there’s been a huge shift towards business development with marketing playing a key role. Marketers are now the new Sales Makers. For a long time, the marketing profession was like the stepchild in the sales household in the promotional products industry. But now, marketing is the compass, how customers find you; marketing is the fuel for sales growth with existing clients; and marketing is how you differentiate and distinguish yourself from the herd. Join this panel of fresh marketing makers who are redefining how marketing makes sales happen today.

Breakout: The Art of Marketing

There are two sides to marketing, the art side and the science side. The art side of marketing consists of your brand, your brand’s identity, personality, and voice. The art side is about creating content and harnessing social media in a way that inspires your audience. The art side of marketing is about emotionality and tone, experiences and your brand story. In this breakout, we’ll share our best tips and practices for creating a brand that reflects inspiring values. Join your colleagues in a radical discussion as you dig behind the art of branding, image, and identity to discover your unique value and learn the next evolution of your brand.

Breakout: The Science of Marketing

The art side of marketing is about creating a brand experience that is unique and compelling whereas the science side of marketing is the tools and tactics that bring new customers to your door. In this breakout, we’ll explore the science of marketing: the processes we use to qualify prospects, the analytics we use to measure progress. We’ll share what worked and what didn’t, from social media to email newsletters, we’ll explore together the tools and tactics we’ve successfully implemented to land new business or grow existing business. Bring your best ideas -and hardest lessons learned- and get ready to explore the tools and techniques that bring on the ROI.

Supply Chain Track:

General Session: Our Supply Chain’s Future

The disruption to our supply chain has been the most severe in recent memory and yet, these challenges today are not the only challenges we should be concerned about, nor should they obscure the opportunities these also present. In this interview with two of the industry’s largest suppliers, we’ll talk about why these issues are occurring today, how to adapt and thrive with flexible options, and how much of this disruption is momentary and which challenges will eventually even out. More importantly, we’ll discuss how these challenges will fundamentally alter our supply chain moving forward, plus, the bigger issues on the horizon for our supply chain and how we can prepare for the upcoming changes and sell toward a brighter future.

Breakout: Managing Clients Through Today’s Fragile Supply Chain

It’s a tough time for our supply chain: raw material shortages, production times that are compromised, inventory issues, and labor shortages - all impact our ability to deliver branded merch on behalf of our clients. In this breakout session, we’ll explore with each other how we are finding creative ways to solve client challenges and manage expectations, despite the challenges.

Breakout: Beyond Today’s Challenges; Toward Tomorrow’s Opportunities

It’s not enough to simply think of our challenges today. Our panel shared insights that will shape how we sell into the future. The success of our industry rests on the strength and workflow of our supply chain. In this breakout, we’ll explore how we can become better partners as we navigate today’s challenges, but also share ideas on how we think about the future to ensure a sustainable, growth-oriented industry going forward.

General Session: Wrap Up Day One - Creating Your Action Plan

One of the challenges of attending a day full of education is taking so many notes you lose the most important part: putting what you’ve learned into action. One of our favorite experiences at skucamp is gathering together as one group after a day of intense learning and sharing the highlights from what we’ve learned. In Day One’s wrap up, we’ll feature a panel of pros to kick off our discussion about what we learned, but more importantly, we’ll use this time to create action steps from our best insights learned from the day. Join us as we create your action plan for growth!

Day Two

HR & Team Development Track:

Building an Inspired Team - The Post-Covid Edition

Before the pandemic, business leaders were preoccupied with finding and inspiring the right talent needed to build their corporate brand and success. Fast forward to today, business leaders must confront the even more daunting challenge of finding and inspiring talent in an incredibly tight labor market, where clients, vendors, suppliers and even their own employees may be working remotely. Add to that the "Big Quit" and pervasive "Bored-out", a close cousin of burnout, and, well, things are rough. In this session, we'll:

  • Explore the labor trends that are driving and will continue to drive a tight labor market
  • Present strategies for hiring exceptional talent in a virtual world
  • Highlight ways to inspire and energize your hybrid workforce so you can steer clear of the Big Quit and Bored-out.

This session is presented by Claudia St. John, author of Transforming Teams - Tips for Improving Collaboration and Building Trust, and president of Affinity HR Group, a national HR and people management consulting firm.

Breakout: Building a Vibrant Culture From the Inside Out

Building a brand is no longer an external-only focus. Brand building begins with a unique culture from the inside out. But massive changes in how we work means the old ways of engaging with our teams are no longer as effective. The hybrid workforce, the volatility in the job market, and more, means we need to think beyond mere engagement, toward building a culture that unlocks our team’s creative energy. In this breakout, you’ll share and learn from your peers the best practices they’ve used for cultivating an engaging culture, including ideas on how to measure your team’s success, build actionable and accountable goals. We’ll share ideas on how others plus keeps their teams refreshed, energized, and emotionally connected! Plus, best tips on recruiting and retaining only the best talent. Come prepared to share and learn!

Breakout: Secrets of Great Employer Brands that Attract, Retain, and Reward

Given the massive shifts that are occurring in the job market, hiring and retaining the best talent is everyone’s biggest challenge. In this breakout, we’ll discuss how to build a better external employer brand that attracts the best talent. We’ll share our best tips on building teams that allow you to scale, plus, share compensation and incentive ideas that inspire your team toward growth. Come prepared to share insights you’ve learned from and be prepared to take notes as your colleagues share what’s worked for them and what hasn’t. When it comes to one of the biggest challenges running a business today (hiring and keeping the best talent!), sharing with your peers is the best way to learn.

Peer to Peer Sharing: Putting the learnings into practice inside commonsku

General Session:

Catherine Graham and Aaron Kucherawy lead us through how to apply all of the track learnings from marketing, team development and supply chain management inside commonsku. This will set the stage for what all of you ask us for the most, the sharing of best practices of how your fellow peers are leveraging commonsku.

Distributor Breakout:

Now that we’ve worked our way through best practices for marketing, team development, workflow and collaboration, how do you apply all of these learnings in your hands-on, day-to-day process of running a business? In this session, we’ll move from theory to practice by sharing and learning from each other, how to use the platform to amp your marketing, fuel sales growth, collaborate with suppliers, and build better, more connected teams.

Supplier Breakout:

While distributors are gathering to maximize their new learnings in the platform, suppliers will head to the clubhouse to meet in supplier-only breakout sessions to share what they’ve learned over the past few days. Led by Dave Shultz, our Vice President of Supplier Partnerships, you’ll get a chance to explore best practices with other suppliers, and share your insights on supply chain and partnerships.

General Session: Wrap Up Day Two - Creating Your Action Plan

We’ll close skucamp with a look toward the future as we chat with Mark and Catherine (and you, the audience), sharing highlights from our day’s learning, plus, we’ll explore how our industry and our world is radically evolving and how we can harness our insights to build a bold path forward. Join us as we wrap up an intense (but fun!) skucamp, and create a solid action plan for growth!


skucamp has a special and unique energy. Here are some photos of skucamp over the years in Palm Springs, New Orleans and Pittsburgh.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is skucamp designed for?

If you are the owner or C-level manager within a supplier or a distributor, skucamp is the conference for you. skucamp is an intimate experience, with plenty of time for fun, deep connections, and shared learning among your peers. Our format this year will combine workshops led by industry experts as well as group mastermind sessions where smaller groups meet to dive deep into relevant business topics.

Can I bring my wife/husband/partner/family?

skucamp is an intimate event designed specifically for business owners and space is very limited. Our schedule is jam packed with education, activities and meals planned specifically for the attendees. You will not have much free time during skucamp so we recommend having family come a few days before skucamp or stay a few days after with you.

How is skucamp different from your other events?

Each of our events is designed with different themes in mind. Many people will attend all events as they all offer something unique.

skucamp is a multi day business planning boot camp for executive-level distributors and suppliers to plan their year ahead.

skucon focuses on high-level education and inspiration for any role, distributors or suppliers. It is hosted the day before the PPAI Expo in Las Vegas.

commonsku University Plus is a virtual conference for distributor customers of commonsku to learn how to use the platform more efficiently.

You can learn more about our events here.

How much does skucamp cost?

The cost of skucamp is $1295/person (USD). Your registration fee includes all workshops, breakouts, entertainment, merch, drinks, and most meals. Travel to/from Palm Springs and hotel costs are not included.

Tell me more about the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs.

This ain’t your father’s business hotel. It's beautifully appointed, very funky in a retro way, and lots of fun. We will be using the meeting spaces in a creative way to foster the connections and downtime that are so important for learning.

To learn more about the venue, visit the Ace Palm Springs here. You can also see the many pictures from our past skucamps here.

Special hotel rates are available to skucampers here.

How will you ensure a safe and clean environment for guests?

skucamp Palm Springs is held in a beautiful venue that’s primarily outdoors. This is the perfect environment as we ease ourselves back into a post pandemic world. The indoor venues at the event all have huge open doors that can be kept open to allow for free air flow.

Our partner location, the Ace Hotel Palm Springs, and the City of Palm Springs is committed to a superior health and safety experience. Specific details can be accessed here.

Ace Hotel Health & Safety

Palm Springs Health & Safety

What’s included in my registration fee?

Your registration fee includes all workshops, entertainment, merch and meals. Travel to/from Palm Springs and hotel costs are not included.

Included meals:
Sept 27 - dinner
Sept 28 - breakfast, lunch, dinner
Sept 29 - breakfast, lunch, dinner

What costs are excluded?

Travel to/from Palm Springs and hotel accommodations are excluded.

When should I arrive/depart?

We encourage you to arrive before 5 pm on Monday September 27 so you are checked in and registered for our kick-off party that evening. We have a full schedule of education and activities planned so we recommend departing on Thursday September 30.

What is the weather like?

Palm Springs in October is awesome (High 95/Low 67).

What do I wear at skucamp?

skucamp is very casual. Dress for comfort, leave the dress shoes at home. Shorts and flip flops are welcome (and encouraged).

What is the best way to get to Palm Springs?

You can either fly direct to Palm Springs Airport (PSP) or fly to Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) and rent a car. The driving time is approximately 2 hrs to Palm Springs. We encourage you to post on the commonsku community to arrange carpools with fellow attendees.