Todd Pottebaum

Todd Pottebaum is President of QRG (Quality Resource Group), a $30 million promotional products and print distributor located in the Minneapolis, MN area who utilizes technology to cut complexities, streamline processes, and gain market share. An expert in systems, process planning, and efficiencies, Todd speaks regionally and nationally at industry events. Aside from his career, Todd’s greatest treasures are his wife Sheri, daughter Savannah, and sons, Jax and Jaeger.

Panel: Emerging Trends in e-Commerce

e-Commerce is for everyone. It’s no longer the sole domain of the giants in the business. Innovative distributors are carving unique niches with e-commerce and connecting with their customers in surprising ways. They are also developing tactics and a multi-digital approach within their e-commerce environments that lead to big opportunities. In this session, you’ll hear from some of the leaders in the commerce space whose tactics and success will both surprise and inspire you to think different about ecommerce. It’s both a glance into the future (chatbots, AI, voice recognition, uberization possibilities, and more) as well as a practical discussion on how digital selling opportunities are all around us, if we will look, learn, and apply. Topics include: