Ted Church

As a thought leader in the branding & merchandise industry, my goal is to rid the world of bland and boring promotional products and apparel with strategic thinking, high-quality design and flawless execution. We believe brands can be a powerful tactile experience. Our agency partners with clients to amplify their brand’s messaging and build emotional connections with their audiences. We can get pretty nerdy about our unique place in the industry. You can read more about how and why we make our own merchandise on our blog.

Anthem Branding's roster includes a variety of Fortune 500 clients as well as some of the world's most progressive and forward-thinking companies. As Co-Principal, I am responsible for setting and supporting the organization’s vision, culture and growth.

“Great branded merchandise increases recognition, fuels advocacy and inspires your audience. We approach every item we design and produce as an opportunity to surprise and delight the customer and amplify the brand experience.”

Life Outside the Agency

I live in Boulder, Colorado with my wife and two daughters. I serve on the Marketing Committee for EFAA (Emergency Family Assistance Association), the oldest non-profit in Boulder, Colorado. Since 1918, EFAA has been the community safety net for families who have nowhere else to turn when they can’t meet their basic needs. I also mentor student entrepreneurs at the University of Colorado’s Leed's School of Business.

Workshop: Build Authentic Brand Experiences for Lasting Connections

You live in a world that is driven by design-thinking. Your clients have become increasingly design-centric in their demands and they want to emulate fashion-forward brands and retail trends. Ted Church has built Anthem Branding through excellent design that delivers on a brand’s strategic objectives. In this workshop, Ted will demonstrate campaigns that he has developed for clients and will share the thinking process that goes behind aligning a brilliant campaign with a brand’s message, a brand’s audience, and a brand’s objective. You will learn: