Rod bRown

Rod Brown started the Harwood Company, a promotional products distributor, in 1989, grew it to over $13 million in sales and sold it in 2000. In 2003, Rod put a group of senior employees together, organized an LBO, bought the company back, and re-launched as MadeToOrder, Inc. Today, MadeToOrder, Inc. is a $30 million dollar company with over 19 US Sales Partners. In 2013 MadetoOrder, Inc acquired Jams Marketing, a $12 million dollar distributor with a focus on the casino gaming industry.

Rod has worked on a number of entrepreneurial ventures, business start-ups, acquisitions, recapitalizations and leveraged buyouts and is a fiscal conservative with a strong balance sheet focus who embraces creative use of corporate finance and equities in a small cap business environment. Rod's a big believer in the use of equities as both a financing tool and a vehicle to incent the sales and management to perform at a higher level, embrace fiscal responsibility, and create long-term reward.

Building a Company to Last and a Life to Love

In this workshop, Rod Brown, the Chief Financial Officer of MadeToOrder, Inc, will walk through his story of how he built a $25 million dollar distributorship by deploying the creative use of equity to retain and motivate significant contributors to grow your company. In addition to sharing his story about his growth, Rod will cover several essential ingredients to strong financial growth, including: