melissa mccauley

Melissa McCauley is the creative director for Numo Manufacturing, City Cut & Sew, and Up Your Standard. Melissa has been instrumental in helping forge Numo's brand and strategic positioning by defining a unique, creative vision, personality, and tone for each company. An expert in product design, color implementation, and trends, as well as UX design, advertising, marketing campaigns, and styling, Melissa has long been respected as one of the most imaginative product-design minds in the industry. As a styling futurist, Melissa assiduously studies trends outside the industry to forecast creative concepts that have helped refashion Numo into one of the most creative product lines in the business. And her styling and merchandising have quickly become well known for their inspiration and originality.

Inspirational Merchandising for High-Impact Sales

Creative merchandising is one of the most important skills for a distributor or supplier to learn. Every choice of product and every choice of layout reflects an image of your brand and a message that you send to your customers and prospects. From color coordination to product styling, Melissa McCauley will walk you through the key creative concepts of merchandising, whether you are displaying for a tradeshow, a sales presentation, a catalog, or even for your social media. Learn how to study trends, forecast popular styles, and refashion your brand through inspirational merchandising.