Matty Toomb

11,000+ orders, four golden pyramids, and millions in sales: Matty Toomb knows a thing or two about selling. Helping Wood Associates (currently Brandvia) grow from $20MM to $87MM in revenue, and as a successful sales developer, Matty has trained many salespeople through the years, including 20 National Account Managers for Cintas Corporation (a Fortune 500 company with sales revenue of $4B). As Vice President of Sales and Marketing at industry distributor-leader Shumsky (a part of Boost Technologies, one of the top 50 Fastest growing women-led businesses in the world) Matty is passionate about helping people master the art of selling.

Workshop: Master the Art of Selling

It takes a tremendous amount of drive to significantly grow your sales. To move from where you are to where you want to be takes a strong strategy and a hard, critical look at your current tactics. In this session, you’ll learn selling secrets from one of the most successful salespeople in the business. From your own personal development, to growing a sales team, Matty Toomb will take us through the labyrinth of sales growth options and share shortcuts that he has devised that will help you map your own strategy for success. Come prepared to adopt new ideas, and to bootcamp your way to sales-fitness.

Matty's workshop will help you