kiRby hasseman

Kirby Hasseman is the CEO of Hasseman Marketing & Communications, a full service marketing company and promotional products distributor. Hasseman Marketing has 4 full-time internal employees and 6 sales people.

Hasseman is making a name for himself in the promotional products industry! He is on the board of PromoKitchen, a non-profit agency that is dedicated to education and mentorship in Promo. He was also named as a Rising Star in the industry by PPB magazine. Recently, out of 300,000 (some) industry professionals, he was recognized as a top social media influencer on two different industry lists.

Kirby hosts a weekly Web show called Delivering Marketing Joy where he interviews business leaders from around the country. In addition, he puts out a Weekly Word, a short video on personal development (of course) each week. He has also begun a new Delivering Marketing Joy Podcast with new episodes each business day (available on iTunes).

Kirby has published four books. His first called Think Big Marketing For Small Business, an eBook called Give Your Way to Success and a third called Delivering Marketing Joy (about how to do Promo right). His most recent book called Fan of Happy is available now. Learn more here.

Kirby is most proud of his titles “father” and “husband”. He is married to Amy Hasseman and father to Skylar and Jade.

So You Suck at Content Marketing - It's Time to Suck Less

Today, we are at the beginning of a land-grab for content marketing real estate and, it’s more important than ever to have a personal brand that both resonates and relates. In this session, the two most prolific practitioners of content marketing in the promotional products industry will share why it matters, how they do it, and how it has achieved tangible (and profitable) results. This session will also include a hands-on workshop so each skucamper will stumble out of New Orleans with a detailed map on how to get started including: