Danny Rosin

Danny Rosin hopelessly falls in love with a lot of people he meets: The homeless man playing saxophone tirelessly in 96 degree heat. The kid who yells “Dad! Come check this band out!" The friendly elder gentleman who has swept the floors of The Berkley for 29 years (and takes a special amount of time to explain that his grandma taught him about true work ethic and that kids today, “just do not get it.”)

He is the co-President of Brand Fuel a full-service promotional products agency that helps its clients elevate their brands. Rosin's responsibilities include managing sales and marketing, employee recruitment, and providing tactical counsel to clients.

He has invested 25 years to the advancement of the Promotional Products Industry and continues to give back to the industry while serving on the PPAI Board, CAAMP Board, PPEF Board and as a Founder and Chef of www.PromoKitchen.org.

He is also the active co-founder of Band Together, a volunteer-driven nonprofit that uses live music as a platform for social change that has donated $6.5 million dollars to community efforts.

Danny is married with two curious daughters.

Workshop: Make Intimacy a Marketing Strategy

Marketing has become too sanitized. Social media is not social enough. Branding has been reduced to cosmetics. Branding must be more than a cute jingle. Pitching on social does not work. What marketers need to do is spark and sustain a connection: Connect clients with your passion. Connect colleagues to your vision. Connect profits with purpose. Connect people with each other. No one in our industry has mastered the art of connecting more than Danny Rosin. In this session, Danny will demonstrate that connected branding is not an afterthought; it’s prescriptive, proactive, personal, and it’s a honed skill. In this session, you’ll learn how to use connected branding to: