cRaig moRantz

Craig Morantz is an executive entrepreneur, start-up investor, SaaS fanatic, and turnaround CEO with extensive operations, sales, marketing and product experience, in both technology and bricks & mortar businesses. Craig founded Aware Marketing Group in 1996. Aware was known for their progressive and inventive take on everyday promotional products and was sold in 2004 to Leed’s (soon to become Polyconcept). From 2004-2012, as Vice President of Sales, Craig led dramatic change at Polyconcept before continuing his career as an executive entrepreneur.

Craig has the ability to utilize two valuable business disciplines that are often seen as conflicting: gut instinct and strategic planning. He leverages vision & instinct to bring about innovation while utilizing financial metrics & process models to measure, execute and iterate. He has founded and sold multiple businesses across varying industries and gained experiences by joining larger companies.

Craig is a strong believer that marketing can make or break a company and that all marketing channels need to connect & align with each other as well as product development and sales messaging. Marketing is reinventing itself at a far faster rate than sales and therefore requires a different strategy and thought process.

At heart, Craig is just a guy who believes ANYTHING is possible and tries hard to see opportunity where others see impossibility, who loves to take RISKS, works diligently to stay FOCUSED, and HUSTLES every damn day.

Everything Turns Around: Living With And Leveraging Adversity

Craig Morantz built one of the most vibrant and progressive promotional products supplier companies in the industry, sold it, then became the Vice President of Polyconcept, rapidly expanding their footprint across North America. From that time until now, Craig, a serial entrepreneur and investor, has won, lost, and won again, and most recently founded Vegan Labs, a B2C packaged goods service along with the vegan magazine, The Veginning. Through it all, he learned valuable lessons about how to transform the customer experience by focusing on the hard things while maintaining one’s equilibrium and thriving through the difficult seasons. In this closing keynote, Craig will talk about how to turn adversity into opportunity and how to build a successful company against all odds and despite all setbacks.