Casey Schorr

Casey Schorr co-founded Printfection during his sophomore year in college, from his dorm room. Printfection is a unique e-commerce-driven, swag management platform that works with such notable technology clients such as Zendesk, Zapier, and Hubspot. Under his leadership, the company has grown revenues from zero to seven figures in the first two years of operations without any venture capital. He is responsible for setting and executing the overall business strategy in a hyper-growth environment. Prior to founding Printfection, Schorr founded in high school from his parent’s basement. The company set up and managed online t-shirt stores, providing the inspiration for Printfection. Schorr holds a bachelor of science degree in finance and marketing from the University of Denver. In his free time, Schorr enjoys skiing waist-deep powder in Colorado’s backcountry, golfing, and traveling.

Panel: Emerging Trends in e-Commerce

e-Commerce is for everyone. It’s no longer the sole domain of the giants in the business. Innovative distributors are carving unique niches with e-commerce and connecting with their customers in surprising ways. They are also developing tactics and a multi-digital approach within their e-commerce environments that lead to big opportunities. In this session, you’ll hear from some of the leaders in the commerce space whose tactics and success will both surprise and inspire you to think different about ecommerce. It’s both a glance into the future (chatbots, AI, voice recognition, uberization possibilities, and more) as well as a practical discussion on how digital selling opportunities are all around us, if we will look, learn, and apply. Topics include: